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Hand is critical to everyday life. Restriction in hand movement, fingers make any regular activity difficult resulting in frustration & reduced self-esteem. Any hand trauma distal to the wrist usually deals with delicate structures like nerves, tendons and vessels & is best treated by plastic surgeons or hand surgeons. These cases if not diagnosed in time and left untreated can deteriorate the condition and restoration of normal hand function can be difficult later. Plastic surgeons are trained to deal with all kinds of hand injuries right from nail bed laceration, hand fractures, skin loss to finger replantation. Hand surgery will help in restoring function as well as appearance of hand.


Surgery & treatment to repair hand function and/or hand appearance is based on injuries to the tendons, nerves, blood vessels, bones, joints, burn, cuts etc. Some disorders can be from birth. Your surgeon will recommend a procedure best suited for you including grafting (where skin, bone, nerves, tissues etc. from your body is used to repair hand), flap (moving skin along with underlying fat, blood vessels, muscle etc. to injured part).  Certain conditions may require staged surgeries. In case replantation of fingers or hand is to be done, your surgeon may recommend Microsurgery which is an extremely precise and delicate surgery.


Hand surgery will help in achieving following.

  • Restoration of function
  • Improved appearance
  • Boost in confidence & self-esteem

What about scars?

Scars are an inevitable part of any invasive surgery. Further, if the surgery is done for amputated finger/hand in case of an accident/emergency, restoring the function will take precedence over the appearance. In case of planned surgery, your surgeon gets more time to achieve required finesse. Please discuss about scars with your surgeon.

Risks/ Complications

Following potential complaints, risks and complications may occur after hand surgery.

  • Bleeding, Infection, Bruising, swelling & pain
  • Failed graft, failed flap
  • Nausea, Numbness & itching around wound

In rare case, as with all surgical procedures, a revision surgery may be necessary to correct minor irregularities.

Care after treatment/ surgery

Immediately after the surgery, your surgeon may use dressings, splint to restrict motion and to support natural healing process, minimize bruising and swelling. Restoration of function may take 3 to 6 weeks. How long your hand must remain immobilized and how quickly you resume your normal activities depends on the type and extent of surgery and on how fast you heal. Your plastic surgeon may refer you to physiotherapist to assist healing and restore strength.

After you are discharged from hospital, you will see your surgeon in post-surgery follow up sessions during which as well, you will be given more guidance on care, activities etc.


Costs for individual procedures will vary widely based on procedure & hospital chosen for surgery but usually involves following.

  • Surgeon’s fee
  • Hospital facility charges
  • Anesthesia fees
  • Medical tests, medicines
  • Any post-surgery garments, support instruments

If revision surgery is needed in a rare case, your surgeon will not charge Surgeon’s fee but other costs will have to be borne by patient as applicable. 

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