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Dr. Shraddha Deshpande is an internationally trained plastic surgeon practicing in Mumbai. She has experience of working in India as well as New Zealand. Her expertise lies in performing Aesthetic surgeries and Breast reconstruction procedures. She is one of the few female plastic surgeons practicing in Mumbai.

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The surgery is helpful in achieving body contour with minimal discomfort and recovery time.
Reconstructive surgery is performed to treat body parts affected aesthetically or functionally by congenital defects
Burns are common accidental injuries. Burn management can be acute or reconstructive.
Baldness is quite common among both men and women though percentage of men experiencing hair loss.
Most people have used simple wound care products such as bandages in their life.
Cleft lip / cleft palate and congenital nevus are birth defects.
Cosmetic surgery is a unique discipline of medicine focused on enhancing appearance through surgical and medical techniques.

Our Services

Sample Before & After Pictures

Blepharoplasty with temporal lift and Nanofat grafting for facial rejuvenation
Lip Enhancement with fillers
Facelift and Necklift with Jaw enhancement
Facelift by fillers- nasolabial fold correction, tear trough correction

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Google Reviews

We have visited Dr shraddha despande for my father diabetic foot ulcer treatment,she is very caring and calm answers all queries very humbly,my father leg is perfect THANKS to Dr and highly recommends her for diabetic foot
Vinod Jain
I have been seeing Doctor Shraddha for nearly 3 years now and each and every time, sheโ€™s been extremely patient, very forthcoming and ensured all due course and treatment/surgery went well. Most importantly it is after care, she is very compassionate and considerate. I would 100% recommend her.
Shraddha Zaveri
Very professional and great with people. Well diagnosed and treated various problems
Adil Harianawala
Excellent services, satisfied with the treatment offered.
Vinay Jadhav
A very humble and dedicated Dr, I am happy to be served by her. I will recommend her to other patients for her serves๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’ฏ
Eddah Samo
Dr shraddha Deshpande is a very friendly doctor. She answers ur queries very fast b it on phone or message or personally. She takes good care of her patience.
asha mehta
Excellent encounter with Dr. Shraddha Deshpande. One of the best doctors i hv ever met. Excellent at her work. Would recommend to everyone.
Laveena Lobo
Dr.Shraddha is extremely professional , kind, caring and super efficient in her work. I went to her for a surgery scar treatment, and am satisfied with the treatment. I would definitely recommend her.
Neelam Kadam
One of the finest and caring plastic surgeons at Wockhardt hospital
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