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Most people have used simple wound care products such as bandages in their life. These traditional wound care products serve the purpose & do a great job at treating minor injuries such as cuts, bruises etc. Gauzes, plasters, lint, wading etc. accelerate healing by stopping bleeding, absorbing blood/pus, avoiding dust etc.

Some wounds however are stubborn & don’t heal. Example – chronic ulcer. This could be due to variety of reasons including diabetes, infection, biofilm formation etc. Traditional wound care methods fail to heal the wound. If wound is left unattended, infection spreads & it reaches inside bones & at times, amputation is the only choice that patients are left with. Advanced wound care is an option patient have when regular wound care fails.


Advanced wound care therapies are interventions used when traditional wound care has failed. There are various advanced would care therapies but most are designed to protect the wound from infection, facilitate oxygen flow, maintain temperature around wound &  remove dead tissues. Based on age & severity of wound, it can take anywhere between 3 weeks to few months for wound to heal and patient must follow doctor’s instructions until complete recovery is done. Your qualified plastic surgeon will recommend type of advanced wound care best suited for you.

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