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Eyelid lift (Blepharoplasty)

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Warm & friendly smile always breaks the barrier and makes social communication easy. Your smile reflects your feelings, expressions and is part of your personality. Lips play important role in it. Lips are as unique as people and some people have lips that are very thin without definition. Some people on the contrary have lips that are larger than average. At times, lips are not in proportion to your facial features, hide your teeth when smiling (or expose gums when smiling) & patients often feel conscious about their lips.

Lip reduction or lip augmentation procedures help in getting fuller, plumper lips restoring balance and harmony to facial features & improves one’s image and thus self-confidence. These procedures improve the appearance of your lips by altering shape, structure and volume of lips. Lip augmentation done using fillers show quick & predictable results, require very less treatment time.


Lip augmentation done using filler can be performed quickly in the clinic requiring local anesthesia in most cases. Treatment time is usually 15-30 mins and require 2-4 sessions to achieve desired result.

Lip augmentation or lip reduction done using surgical methods have relatively more downtime for patient. Whilst lip augmentation is done by using fat grafting method (i.e. taking fat of your own body); lip reduction involves carefully taking excess fat, loose skin out of lips.


Lip procedures will help achieve following.

  • Sculpted, youthful lips balanced with facial features
  • Elimination or reduction of asymmetry of the lips
  • More attractive lip structure and shape

What about scars?

Lip enhancements done by fillers won’t leave any scars. Surgical lip enhancements will have scars. Your surgeon will explain in detail where incisions will be taken & how wounds will be closed & if scars will be visible. Please discuss about scars with your surgeon.

Risks/ Complications

Lip procedures are common in field of plastic surgery and are usually safe though following potential complaints, risks and complications may occur.

  • Bleeding from treatment sites
  • Swelling & bruising
  • Lip asymmetry

In rare case, as with all surgical procedures, a revision surgery may be necessary to correct minor irregularities.

Care after treatment/ surgery

Lip enhancements done using fillers won’t need any stay in clinic / hospital beyond treatment time. There will be swelling & you will need to follow some restrictions (example eating) to allow healing.

In case of surgical lip enhancement or lip reduction, you can go home the same day as well. You can do most normal activities & complete recovery might take up to 2 weeks.

After your procedure, you will see your surgeon in post-treatment follow up sessions during which as well, you will be given more guidance on care, activities etc. Any plastic or other surgery does neither stop biological ageing process and your surgeon will recommend you ways to have effect of surgery lasted for long.


Costs for individual procedures will vary widely based on procedure & hospital chosen for treatment but usually involves following

  • Surgeon’s fee
  • Hospital facility charges
  • Anesthesia fees
  • Medical tests & medicines

If revision surgery is needed in a rare case, your surgeon will not charge Surgeon’s fee but other costs will have to be borne by patient as applicable. 

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