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Breast Lift procedure | Mastopexy

Breasts are important part of womanhood; shapely breasts enhance the figure & confidence of any woman. A woman’s breasts often change over time, losing their youthful shape and firmness. These changes can result from pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight fluctuations & aging. Regardless of who you are or what you wear, time and gravity will cause your skin to become weaker and less elastic. Over time, the ligaments that support your breasts stretch resulting in sagging. Sagging of breasts is characterized by lost shape and volume, nipples falling below breast creases, nipples and areolae pointing downward, one of the breasts falling lower than the other etc. The best way to determine if you need breast lift is to hold a pen under the crease of breast and if it stays there without you holding it, you are most likely a candidate for breast lift.

A breast lift can reduce sagging and raise the position of the nipples and the darker area surrounding the nipples (areolae). The size of the areolae can also be reduced during the procedure to keep them in proportion to the newly shaped breasts. A breast lift is a surgical procedure that raises and firms the breasts to enhance their shape and appearance.

A breast lift is sometimes performed in conjunction with a breast reduction or breast augmentation for overall lasting effects to the figure.


Breast lift procedure is performed under general anesthesia & takes anywhere between an hour to 4 based on size, shape, degree of sagging and if it is combined with breast reduction or breast augmentation. It is usually a day care procedure but may require overnight stay in certain cases. The incisions are taken to minimize scars, excess stretched skin is removed and breast tissues are reshaped to raise the nipple and areola into a more forward position.


Breast lift procedure will help achieve following.

  • Rejuvenated figure with a breast profile that is more youthful and uplifted

While a breast lift can enhance your appearance and your self-confidence, it won’t significantly change the size of your breasts unless is done in combination with breast augmentation or breast reduction.Also, while a breast lift can be done on breasts of any size, women with smaller sagging breasts will likely have longer lasting results. Larger breasts are heavier, which makes them more likely to sag again.

What about scars?

One of the biggest worries that many women have about undergoing a breast surgery is how visible the surgery scars will be. Scars are an inevitable part of any invasive surgery. Scars often fade with time and become barely noticeable. Scar lightening will take several months up to a year after surgery. Scarring tends to be most visible in people with extremely dark skin. Please discuss about scars with your surgeon.

Risks/ Complications

Breast lift is generally a safe procedure but following potential complaints, risks and complications may occur; most of the which will subside in 2 weeks’ time. These are largely driven by one’s healing abilities.

  • Bleeding, Infection, Bruising, swelling & pain
  • Nausea, numbness & itching around wound
  • Changes in nipple or breast sensation
  • Partial or total loss of nipples and/or areolae
  • Difficulty in breast feeding

It is also important to understand that certain life events, such as future pregnancy or weight fluctuations can negatively affect your results. If you are planning to have more children or you would like to lose weight, it is best to achieve these milestones before having a breast lift.

In rare cases, as with all surgical procedures, revision surgery may be necessary to correct minor irregularities.

Care after treatment/ surgery

Immediately following surgery, breast will be taped & soft bra will be in place to support natural healing process, minimize bruising and swelling. Recovery in hospital should be fast as your body will spend its energy on healing. Most patients will be able to get up and walk the same day of surgery and they’ll back to work in 2 – 3 weeks after breast lift. Vigorous activities including gym, sex etc. should be avoided in 1st six weeks.

After you are discharged from hospital, you will see your surgeon in post-surgery follow up sessions during which as well, you will be given more guidance on care, activities etc. Any plastic or other surgery does not stop biological ageing process and your surgeon will recommend you ways to have effect of surgery lasted for long.


Costs for individual procedures will vary widely based on procedure & hospital chosen for surgery but usually involves following.

  • Surgeon’s fee
  • Hospital facility charges
  • Anesthesia fees
  • Medical tests & medicines
  • Any post-surgery garments

If revision surgery is needed in a rare case, your surgeon will not charge Surgeon’s fee but other costs will have to be borne by patient as applicable.

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